Transmission Records Netherlands - The full service independent record company with Epica, After Forever, Asrai and Aina

(Trans) Mission Statement

In short time Transmission Records Netherlands has transferred from a solitary business specialized in re-issues of classical pop- and rock-albums, mail-ordering and publishing to a successful independent record company. With bands such as After Forever, Epica and Asrai our company Transmission Records has become a worldwide and well known name in metal and gothic. And Pseudonym Records, a sub-label of Transmission Records, has made itself immortal with re-issues and new albums of famous British and Dutch rock-bands such as Normaal, Magna Carta, Brainbox, Q65, Tee Set, BZN, Lemming, Livin’ Blues and Gruppo Sportivo. Pseudonym Records is the goldmine for every consumer who really loves music. In 2005 Transmission Records Netherlands will enlarge her core-business to become The Full Service Independent Company where talent, creativity, knowledge, quality, innovation, integrity, project planning, success, a personal approach and a business-like character are coming together as being one. With a new trademark, a new website and the huge worldwide success of the new Epica, the newly refreshed Transmission Records is ready for a next take off!